Realised equity IRR c.30% unleveraged in Commercial Real Estate
A highly specialised company in real estate investment and asset management, Grivalia is the leading Asset Manager – Investor in Greece.
With an all-star team of high achievers who all share the same vision and bring different skills to the table, Grivalia has evolved from a REIT to a Private Equity Company.
Today, it manages an enviable portfolio comprising some of the most significant properties in the country, leveraging the team’s unrivalled experience to create value for the company’s stakeholders, namely clients, employees and society.
The in-depth knowledge of the banking and financial environment, strategic decision- making, innovative approach and extensive expertise are all qualities that factor into the company’s major successful performance. Moreover, Grivalia is well- positioned in the freshly emerging sustainable real estate market, since it has led the certification process for commercial assets of almost 300,000 sq.m. so far.
Last decade achievements:
Investments of
€ 1.2 b.
in commercial, leisure & hospitality assets
Financing of
€ 250 m.
Funds of
€ 348 m.

Asset disposals of
€ 20.9 m.
JV’s of
€ 428 m.
Realized Equity IRR
unleveraged in Commercial Real Estate
Expected Hospitality Equity IRR
Our Virtues
High-profile international investors such as Fairfax, Fidelity, M&G, Wellington, Brandes, Pimco
Profound knowledge of the regulatory and legal framework governing the Greek Capital Market, REICs and all alternative investment vehicles
Environmentally & socially responsible company 2017 & 2018 Sustainability Reports
Remarkably skilled in settling unexpected technical & urban planning issues relating either to new or existing investments
Embracing best practices for Corporate Governance
Undertaking project management for constructing or refurbishing properties

A Multi Award-Winning Company

Sustainable approach to real estate with
certified according to LEED & BREAM and 204,000sq.m. under certification
Energy Efficiency Certificates in place for over
of the company’s investment portfolio
Investments of over
€ 8 m.
for asset energy upgrades through refurbishment works
For Sustainability Reports publicized for 2017 & 2018. First company in Greece to receive Gold
2017, 2018
First Greek company to participate in review and placed in “Green Star” category 2017